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System Announcements

  • Transition from Blackboard to Brightspace (Fall 2016-SP2017) (Sunday, August 28, 2016)

    Over the past year IT&MS evaluated and compared the latest LMS products on the market to determine whether to stay with Blackboard, or to migrate to a new system. Throughout this process we viewed demos, tried each of the products out in a sandbox environment, held demonstration workshops and one-on-one demonstrations for faculty members, provided video overviews, and supplied web links about each product. We also demonstrated the products to the SGA and the Faculty Senate. Based on this process and student and faculty feedback, the decision was made to move to a new Learning Management System called Brightspace by Desire2Learn.

    The feedback we received, and our own experiences in testing the product, highlighted that Brightspace is easier to use, has updated tools and features, and has added features that our faculty and students are interested in.  Examples of these features are:

    • Learning repositories
    • Drag and drop uploading of documents
    • Easier navigation structure
    • Customizable notification settings for students such as text message notifications
    • Customizable grade book and progress tracking
    • Easier video integration
    • All features accessible from mobile devices

    Over the next year we will be moving all Assumption College courses from Blackboard to Brightspace. This migration will take place in three waves.

    • Fall 2016 – Some courses will begin using the new LMS this semester. The decision of if a course will use Brightspace, Blackboard, or neither will be made by each professor. If you do not see course content in Brightspace or Blackboard, and your course is using an LMS, please contact your professor to see which system they will be using during the fall semester.
    • Spring 2017 – By the spring semester most courses, that use an LMS, will be in Brightspace.
    • Summer 2017- All courses will be in Brightspace.

    To support this transition:

    • We will be providing training for faculty members about how to use the new system
    • All students have access to video tutorials in Brightspace about how to use the new LMS. Student video tutorials are located in the course called "Brightspace Student Training"
    • Additional training videos and step by step instructions will be provided throughout the fall semester

    If you have any questions or concerns about the new LMS, Brightspace, and our transition away from Blackboard please contact the IT Help Desk at 508-767-7060.


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